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Fire Safety Training Courses

Fire Safety Training Courses in Dorset, Hampshire & Wiltshire

If you are an organisation who would prefer a training package to be tailored exactly to meet your particular requirements, then Firewise can offer you a high quality "bespoke" fire training solution that is price sensitive and can be delivered at a time convenient to you so that it causes the least possible disruption to your business.

Our professional training packages are produced and delivered by qualified fire engineers who have obtained national standards of competency in training and development. Our reputation is built on providing high quality, site specific fire training solutions for blue chip companies.

The issues in any emergency evacuation needs to cater for human behaviour and the safe use of fire extinguishers, or more importantly, when not to use them. These are of prime importance and are not normally covered to the same standard by other providers.

For the practical skills required for the safe selection and use of fire extinguishers we will only use a Hot Fire - Clean Burn training simulator that is propane fuelled and requires no handling of solid combustion materials or liquid fuel (we won’t make you dance in burning petrol! or pollute the air with burning wood, cardboard and diesel etc). It requires very little space in which to be set up. We are completely self sufficient with regard to our presentational and training equipment and have delivered our training in a wide range of both challenging and interesting venues.

These include: a portacabin at Trees for Cities in King Edwards Memorial Park, Shadwell; the boardrooms of Schroders and WPP; the library of Royal Society of Chemistry; factory locations such as Magellan Aerospace and Hoya Lens, school classrooms; residential care home day rooms; on the stage at Watford Palace Theatre; the top floors of an AXA and Liverpool Victoria multi storey car parks; the film theatre at Dolby UK and also at an explosive installation specialising in anti-missile flares!

Quote from former AXA delegate:

Subject: Fire Safety Training
Neil, Having done this before with two previous companies, this was by far the best one yet. Not only giving advice on the Fire Warden role and practices but also practical advice for the home. Great content and delivery. Anyone would benefit from this training, not just Fire Wardens.
Regards, Greg

The costs are based on a daily (2 sessions) or a single session rate and can be as little as £15.00 per delegate. We also prefer to limit the number of delegates per course to approx 15 ish in order to maintain the quality of our training delivery and to guarantee full understanding of the subject through individual attention.

To use Firewise to help you comply with your fire safety training requirements & to protect your future business interests, go to our Contacts page for further information.

Firewise provide professional Fire Safety Training Courses across Dorset, Hampshire, Wiltshire and the South of England.