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Fire Safety at Home

Towards a safer community with Firewise

Our aim is to help reduce the number of accidental fire deaths and fire related injuries. The message that is being delivered through a series of presentations to business groups, clubs and local voluntary associations is:

Protect your home from fire.

You and your key staff are 16 times more at risk from fire at home than at work.

Remember the AFS Fire Survival Guide

Fact File:
90% of accidental fires never come to the attention of the fire service.

The majority of dwelling fires are preventable.

The simple message in the event of a fire in the home is:


Prevention is better than ‘Cure’.

Two smoke detectors are better than one, providing:

  1. They are sited correctly
  2. They are tested regularly to ensure they work.
  3. The batteries are checked and replaced regularly.

If you only have one alarm, then surprisingly, tests have shown that smoke alarms at the head of the stairs raised an alarm before those fitted down in the hall.

If you have a young baby or anyone in your home that might be vulnerable and unable to move quickly then additional smoke detectors will almost certainly be required. If in doubt about where an alarm should be fitted, then contact your local fire station for some experienced fire safety for advice.

Firewise provide professional Fire Safety Training across Dorset, Hampshire, Wiltshire and the South of England.