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Fire Extinguisher Training Course

Fire Extinguisher Training in Dorset, Hampshire & Wiltshire

Course duration 1½ - 2hrs 

The course is designed to support an essential part of your legal responsibilities and provide specific members of your staff with the practical skills concerning the selection and safe use of the fire extinguishers appropriate to your risk.

Included in the session and of equal importance is advice on when not to use extinguishers.


We will only use a Hot Fire - Clean Burn training simulator that is propane fuelled and requires no handling of solid combustion materials or liquid fuel (we won’t make you dance in burning petrol! or pollute the air with burning wood, cardboard and diesel etc).

The Fire Extinguisher Training course will be tailored to suit your specific requirements and circumstances; ie. residential care, hotel, office, industrial, school, older persons care home, etc.

The objective is that at the end of the course delegates will:

The Structure will include:

This particular element of our training package has been delivered in a wide range of challenging and interesting venues. We have yet to be beaten!

Firewise provide professional Fire Extinguisher Training & other Fire Safety Training courses across Dorset, Hampshire, Wiltshire and the South of England.

If you wish to obtain further information about the service that Firewise can offer you and your business, please view the section that is most relevant to your business requirements and feel free to contact us for more information.