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Fire Awareness

Fire Awareness Training Course

Course duration 1-1½ hrs 

The course will raise awareness concerning the threat posed by fire to the continuity of your business. It will support an essential part of your legal responsibilities by providing specific levels of fire safety training. 


It will also raise awareness concerning the behaviour of people in a fire, emergency fire evacuation procedures, the prevention of arson or an outbreak of fire and the appropriate action to take in the event of a fire.

The Fire Awareness Training course will be tailored to suit your specific requirements and circumstances, ie: residential care, hotel, office, industrial, nuclear power station, etc.

The objective is that at the end of the course delegates will:

The Structure will include:

Firewise provide professional Fire Awareness Training Courses across Dorset, Hampshire, Wiltshire and the South of England.

If you wish to obtain further information about the service that Firewise can offer you and your business, please go to our Online Enquiry service to get in touch or email for further information.