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Level of Competency

A safe pair of hands dealing with your Fire Safety Arrangements

Don’t get your fingers burnt by accepting advice and training from so called "competent people." If you already use the services of a training agency, the fire service or extinguisher provider take the time to check out the experience of the people actually providing you with this vital service and compare it with that offered by AFS Firewise.

Richard Lock M.I.FireE.

  • A 32 year career in the Fire Service with over 20 years spent as a senior operational officer.
  • A 3 year secondment to Her Majesty’s Inspectors of Fire Services, Home Office Fire Research.
  • A former Operations Commander and Planning Review Commander – Suffolk Fire Service.
  • Former Strategic Development Officer – Suffolk Fire Service.
  • Director Anglian Firewise Services Ltd.
Organisation Competency Checklist of those actually delivering your Fire Safety training
Other AFS
? Have they attended senior fire safety courses at the Fire Service College?
? Have they ever held senior managerial positions in the Fire Service?
? Do they understand how people really react in a fire based on actual experience and involvement in Home Office Research projects?
? Can they deliver a quality service at any time of the day or night?
? Can they provide advice to meet your exact requirements for all levels of your management structure or is it just an off the shelf package?
? Can they provide you with a comprehensive Fire Risk Assessment and Arson Prevention service?
? Are they qualified Fire Engineers to M.I.FireE status?
? Are they truly independent offering independent and impartial advice or are they either a regulatory body or one offering other services on a "commission basis"
? Have they bothered to obtain professional indemnity insurance cover?
Fire Costs - Firewise can meet the high standards you demand

Remember, YOUR FIRE SAFETY TRAINING is as important to your business success as you going into hospital for open-heart surgery. You expect to be treated by a competent heart surgeon, not the supplier of an operating table, the ward orderly or a tree surgeon.

Being Firewise before the event is better than being
a Fire Statistic afterwards.

Firewise provide professional Fire Safety Training & Fire Risk Assessments across Dorset, Hampshire, Wiltshire and the South of England.