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Arson Prevention Advice

Arson Prevention in Dorset, Hampshire & Wiltshire

Many of the fires that you see in the press and the media were as a direct result of arsonists - think about it!

It is estimated that at least 40% of the total fire damage in Europe are started deliberately. The future existence of nearly 50 businesses in the UK could be put at risk every day as a result of arson. Arson is now recognised in most countries as their major fire problem and as such it needs to be treated with "Zero Tolerance".

Well trained people are your best defence against the threat of an ARSON ATTACK that is why we include arson prevention advice in all of our fire training courses and assess the situation in our fire risk assessment process.

Check out the 25 point Arson Prevention plan below.

Every week arson costs people their lives. It also costs insurance companies and their policyholders millions of pounds. The true financial cost in terms of jobs and lost orders is more difficult to determine, estimates have been made that arson now costs businesses £4 million per day!

The proportion of fires in the agriculture sector is currently running at about 38% of all reported fires; this is far less than the 60% reported in the construction industry, the 54% in school buildings, and the 53% in recreational premises. It is however slightly lower than the 34% reported in the retail sector, 24% in our hospitals and most disturbingly, the 17% reported in private dwellings.

We aim to help protect your business interests.

The devastation caused by an arson attack is likely to have a serious knock-on effect. When a firm suffers a serious fire it usually has to cease trading until the damage is put right. The result is a disruption in trade with the loss of orders or a failure to meet delivery times that can affect the livelihood of its customers and suppliers. When all these losses are taken into account the true cost of arson is likely to be considerably higher.

It is also an unfortunate fact of business life that 80% of organisations who suffer a major disaster such as a fire, and who do not have some form of contingency plan, go into liquidation within 18 months of the event.

Figures based on the UK Fire Statistics show that arson is the major cause of large fires, with the majority of losses being caused by opportunists setting fire to waste and combustible material. Children, youths under 21, disgruntled employees, people making fraudulent claims and those trying to destroy evidence at the scene of a crime are all involved in this criminal activity.

Arson Task Forces are being set up to fight arson. There is no simple solution to the problem and any plan can only be formulated after a proper risk assessment has been carried out. Then by taking a few positive steps such as alerting staff to dangers and ways of preventing arson, companies can frustrate the arsonist.

The Arson Risk Assessment Guide

25 simple steps to stop your business becoming an arson statistic.

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